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Why Publishers Love Aditize.com

Our Goal is to make webmasters
as much money as possible

Typical ad networks want to make THEMSELVES and their ADVERTISERS as much money as possible. They do not care about the people actually generating the traffic (you). Our goal is to help website owners maximize their websites earning potential and make them the most money possible.

Our Goal is to run the highest
converting ads on your website.

We are not restricting by "made up" rules about what can and cannot be shown. If before and after weight loss ads make you the most money, then that's exactly what we'll show. We are only prohibited by the restrictions YOU set.

Our Affiliates create campaigns
exclusively for our network

When you put an Aditize widget on your site, you automatically are working with the industry's biggest super affiliates with years of experience in paid traffic. Our team looks directly and EVERY site on the network to make sure no opportunity is missed.

Our Goal is to have long term
relationships with our partners

The longer our widget stays on your site, the more it learns and optimizes for your traffic.We hope to be the last "ad" network you ever use. Front end penny click earnings are nothing compared to back end commissions from sales of hot products.

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